Our Goals

  • Teens and parents maintain an open dialogue regarding the risks young drivers face and clearly state expectations for behavior. Teens, remind your parents that their example and support is important to you. Parents make good choices about the type of car you provide your teen and the drivers’ education program you choose for them. Supervise their learning experience and be proactive in situations where teens are traveling together.
    Sign the ART of Driving Teen-Parent Driving Contract.
  • Teens will take their responsibility as a driver and passenger seriously. They will sign The ART of Driving Pledge Card as a commitment to keeping themselves, friends, and others safe on the road.


  • Teens will be empowered to practice “positive peer pressure”. Their friends are precious to them…support one another to make smart choices in and out of the automobile. Make it socially unacceptable to drive distracted or impaired. 
  • Teens and parents will realize that more time behind-the-wheel is needed and advanced driving skills can be life saving. Together, actively seek both out. 
  • Parents and teens will raise their voices in a grassroots effort to advocate for improved driver training that uses evidence based criteria and the latest technology.



Ashley and Robin