The ART of Driving Teen Driving Agreement

Supervising Adults


_____تتت I understand that I have a responsibility to exhibit safe driving practices; to provide تتتتتmy teen driver with adequate supervised driving experiences; and to monitor, restrict, and determine on a daily basis whether my teen should be driving.

______ The use of any electronic device at any time by my teen driver while they are operating a vehicle is never permitted. I will not expect my teen to answer my calls/text until it is safe for him/her to do so.

______ I understand that until my child is eighteen I have complete control over his/her license and may revoke his/her privilege to drive based on my judgment to protect him/her and others. This may involve taking physical possession of his/her driverصs license. I also understand that as long as I own the vehicle my child uses, I have the same control over their privilege to drive that vehicle.

Teen Driver

_____ I understand and accept that I am a new and inexperienced driver with a brain that is still developing which makes it difficult for me to assess risks, recognize hazards, and control impulses.ت Therefore, I need (and will accept) increased supervised driving time and the monitoring and restrictions my supervising adult deems appropriate.

_____ I understand that driving is a privilege and a great responsibility. I acknowledge the fact that I could cause injury, death and damage to myself, others, and property resulting in liability for my parents.


Teen Driver Agreement

ف         This agreement is in effect until ______________ (recommended: one year or eighteenth birthday, whichever is later).


ف         I will always wear a seatbelt and insure all passengers do the same.


ف         I will always have permission from a supervising adult to drive. We will agree on my route, destination, time of return, and passengers. My driving will always have a purpose (no joyriding).


ف         Unless I am pulled over in a safe location with the car in park, I will not use any electronic devices, even hands-free.


ف         I will follow my states GDL for curfews and passenger restrictions and realize my supervising adult can enforce stricter rules.ت My supervising adult has decided that I may not drive between the hours of ______ and ______.ت If this rule is stricter than my states and I need extra time for a job or school activity, I will have my supervising adultصs written permission and carry it with me.تت For my first ______ months with a license, I will carry only a supervising adult.ت In the next ______ months, I will carry only a supervising adult and immediate family. I will not transport anyone else until I have had my license for (recommend one year) ___________ and even then my supervising adult holds veto power should it be felt that I should not drive with passengers or specific passengers that are felt to be an added distraction. (note recommended three stage)


ف         I will never drive under the influence of drugs (including medications that may make me drowsy), alcohol, or when fatigued.


ف         I will obey all traffic laws, road signs, and speed limits.ت I will adjust my driving speed based on road conditions.


ف         I can and will call for a safe ride to avoid a dangerous situation, whether I do not feel comfortable driving due to unsafe conditions or do not feel comfortable being driven by another person.ت Doing so will not violate this agreement.ت I understand the importance of speaking up when in an unsafe situation.


ف         The following agreement has been made as to my financial obligations for gas, insurance, and maintenance: _________________________________________________________.



ف         I understand that if I violate this agreement or state laws my driving privileges will be suspended for _____ days in addition to any restriction placed upon me by the state.ت I also understand that violations may be reported to my supervising adult by neighbors, school personnel, law enforcement, or friends who are all concerned for my safety.ت If I drive while under suspension, my privileges will be suspended indefinitely.


ف         I understand that my actions not only affect me but others I share the road with. I also understand that this is not زjust about meس, but everyone who knows and loves me. I understand that this agreement is not about controlling me but keeping me safe.



تتتتتتتتتت By signing this agreement we acknowledge that we will abide by the requirements.



تتتتتتتتتتتتت _____________________________تتتتتتتتتتتتت _______________________________

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