As a newly licensed driver I understand that driving is a privilege and a serious responsibility. As the parent of a teen driver I realize how critical my involvement and supervision is to the welfare of my teen and others. Therefore, together we promise to abide by the following agreement.

Teens & Parents:

__ I will obey all traffic laws/signs and observe speed limits.
__ I will always wear a seat belt and insist that all passengers do the same.
__ I will not use a cell phone while driving.
__ I will reduce/eliminate distractions to the best of my ability.
__ I will never use drugs/alcohol and drive nor ride with anyone who has.
__ I will always keep my hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.


__ I will maintain a _______ GPA.
__ I will limit the number of passengers to ____ for ___ months.
__ I will know and follow the GDL laws of my state.
__ I will observe my curfew of _______ and call home if I encounter a problem.
__ I will not drive someone else’s car or let anyone drive mine.

 We have decided upon the follow consequences for failure to abide by this contact:





TEEN: I promise to follow the rules of this contract and accept the consequences if I fail to do so. I understand the risks of being a teen driver and promise to act responsibly. I will do everything in my power to keep myself, my passengers, and others on the road safe.

Signed _____________________________        Date _______________________


PARENT: I promise to do everything in my power to assist my teen in being a responsible, safe driver. I will take an active role in monitoring situations that could possibly put my teen or others at risk. I will model the behaviors I want my teen to emulate.

Signed ____________________________          Date ______________________