Who We Are

The ART of Driving®

is an educational awareness program for teen drivers and their parents. The program was founded by Robin Thompson in memory of her daughter, Ashley Renee. Ashley lost her life in a single vehicle crash on June 10, 2003, at the age of sixteen.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for the age group 15 to 20 year olds. Every year approximately 3,000 teens die on our nation’s highways and another 300,000 suffer severe injuries and lifelong disabilities. The National Safety Council sees the issue as a national health crisis, so should every teen and parent.


What We Do

The Mission

of The ART of Driving® is two-fold: First, to increase awareness among teens and parents of the unique risks faced by young drivers and to impress upon them the need for improved training, increased supervised time behind-the-wheel, and increased parental involvement; Second, to advocate for improvements in driver education for our youth.

In addition, The ART of Driving® works to change the "it won’t happen to me" mindset of both teens and parents.

Speaking Engagements
One way that The ART of Driving® spreads its message is though presentations. These can be arranged for schools, youth groups, churches, and civic organizations. The use of video, power point, and discussions with a Q&A period all help to make a lasting impression. Together we can change the fact that 6,000 teens die every year in automobile crashes.

Teen-Parent Driving Contract

Studies have shown that teens that have a signed driving agreement with their parent/guardian have fewer vehicle crashes and are motivated to think and act responsibly. Sign one today!

The ART Of Driving® Pledge

Sign the pledge card and join other teens that are promising to be safe drivers and smart passengers.


Our Programs

The Teen Training Program

So, you have the keys to the car...freedom, no more asking your parents for a ride or taking the dreaded school bus. You can even offer your friends a ride; how cool is that? How good of a driver are you? You must be good...you passed the driving test, they didn’t even make you parallel park. You’re responsible; you know what you’re doing. Plus, it won’t happen to you..

Parent Involvement
Facts for Parents:
The first 6 months after licensure is the most dangerous time for a novice driver.

Inexperience is the leading cause of teen driving fatalities.

Only 15% of 16-17 year-olds driving fatalities were due to alcohol and 20% for 18-20 year-olds. A common misconception with parents who believe it to be a major cause.

Start A Teen Task Force
Take the initiative and start an ART of Driving® Teen Task Force at your school or youth group. We provide information which will assist teens, parents, and teachers/leaders to ignite the spark. It only takes one person telling another person to get the enthusiasm going; one student, one teacher, one parent at a time.

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The ART of Driving is a proud member of NOYS
NOYS.ORG - National Organizations for Youth Safety